Saturday, March 21, 2015

Publicly Honor Community Figures Who Support Scouting

One way we can get and keep a positive Scouting message out in the public eye is to honor community figures at important meetings and gatherings.  Honor a recreation director who helps offer special programs.  Give recognition to the children's librarian who hosts events for your Cub Scout dens.  Don't forget the local police and fire chiefs who open their departments to your units and assist with advancement and community safety.

A Board of Education meeting is a highly visible way to honor school
administrators and Board members.  If you want their support, then be sure to reward them publicly when you get it.
Your local Scout shop has awards and certificates you can use for this purpose.  Customized prints and plaques are also readily available and make handsome wall displays right behind the desk of the community official -- right where everyone else will see it!  :)

Keep positive Scouting images in front of everyone -- you'll be glad you did.