Sunday, February 24, 2013

BSA Best Practices

Dr. Geoffrey Zoeller, Patriots' Path Council's vice president for membership and relations asks:  "Did you know that councils and units from all over the nation have Best Practices posted on the BSA website?  These focus on recruitment and retention." Check it out at:


  1. Town Round tables are a great tool to develop a cohesive effort across the units in a town.

    A town Roundtable may discuss: 1. Recruiting and Retention 2. Events 3. Service 4. Discuss scouting initiatives 5. Develop a sense of community A town roundtable is NOT a substitute for a Unit Committee or a District Roundtable. DRTs focus on general program guidance & training; a Town RT focuses on specific coordination issues within a small group. It is not a blending of units. Units have their own programs; a Town RT addresses issues of mutual interest and mutual aid.

    Try quarterly for meeting frequency...

    Posted on the best practices site (aothough poorly indexed) @

    There is a 2-pp pdf posted there also that provides additional info on the topic that has been piloted extensively in PPC

    Mitch Erickson

  2. Great idea Mitch. We'll be pushing out tips like this is the coming weeks and months. :)