Thursday, April 25, 2013

Effective Cub Scout Program Planning

Patriots' Path Council's vice president for membership and relations, Dr. Geoffrey Zoeller, discusses the newly updated national resources for Cub Scout Pack Planning .  "Research conducted by Eli Lilly of Indianapolis, Indiana, illustrated that strong packs all have in common good annual pack programs that are developed a year in advance.  These plans are then placed in a calendar and shared with all families right in the beginning of the year. This shows good organization, avoids conflicts later, attracts more families, and you'll retain Cub Scouts for longer.  Why wouldn't we all want to conduct strong and thoughtful program planning??"

There is an overview of the six steps of the Annual Program Planning Process and additional resources that include:
  • Pack calendar template that allows you to build and share your calendar with your families electronically or printed
  • Pack newsletter template so you can share regular information with your pack families
  • Posters, both letter size and tabloid size, which you can customize for your needs
  • Family Talent Survey form
  • Cub Scout Den Meeting Program form
  • Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guide
  • Boys' Life Planning Calendar
  • Boys' Life resources
  • Pack Budget Planning Guide/worksheets
The national BSA resources on Pack Planning can be accessed at:

Additionally, Dr. Zoeller notes that the Patriots' Path Council's own Cub Opportunities page allows for "one-stop-shopping" when it comes time for dropping in great council and district events to round out the Cub Scout Pack calendar.  Events like district family camping, the Belt Loop Midway and Bonanza events, fishing tournaments, and a whole host of days trips, museums, sporting events, and so much more!!

Be sure to visit this hugely important resource when planning for the coming year at:

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