Thursday, September 28, 2017

How You Can Use Social Media to Recruit New Families!

Did you know most young families find their information from an online source, especially social media?  If everyone is scrolling through Facebook or checking out the latest Tweet, we need to spend some time sharing what we do in Scouting across social media.

Social media is easy to use and a great way to welcome new families into your pack or troop. 

·       Used by most parents
·       Allows for a “business” page or closed unit group
·       Can share events, videos, pictures, and more
·       An easy way to let the community know what the local Scouting unit is doing by “tagging” their school, PTO, community group, etc.
·       Be sure to make an event for your open house and invite everyone you know. 
·       Always use the #BeAScout

·       Limited to 40 characters per tweet (post).
·       May have a picture and words, again limited
·       Not as many families on Twitter
·       Good for short, easy messaging

·       Platform is based on images
·       Post can include words with their images
·       Great for sharing pictures and flyers
·       Easy to navigate

On all these social media sites, it is important to use #BeAScout.  This will help drive protentional families to It is also consistent with all the media ads our national organization has purchased.

Finally, you can “boost” your post, page, or event on all accounts for a small fee.  By boosting something, you can target an audience.  For example, an Open House night should be boosted to the local community and targeted for parents with young children.  It is easy to do and can cost as little as $10.

There are so many resources out there to help make social media a key tool to your recruitment plan.  As always, be sure to use #BeAScout. 

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