Thursday, November 16, 2017


All units do recruiting for new Scouts.  In fact, some units may have a Committee Member or parent who was unofficially designated as their "recruiter".  Well, now the BSA has created a formal position on your committee for this job: “NEW MEMBER COORDINATOR or NMC.”
The BSA is excited to roll out this new position and is encouraging all units to have at least one person trained for this key role.
There is an orientation video available online and our council is starting to provide training at the December 2, 2017 University of Scouting in December!  Go to for more details on NMC or contact your District's Vice-Chair of Membership if you have any questions.
This counts as another trained position for your Unit's JTE... so sign someone up today!

Those who attend the University of Scouting NMC session will receive a free NMC t-shirt!  To sign up for the University of Scouting:

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