Thursday, May 3, 2018

Free Supplies Available to You for Spring Recruitment

Did you know the council membership committee has plenty of free supplies and materials to assist with your spring recruitment efforts?

We can make you flyers at no cost for Lions, Family Scouting, or traditional flyers in black and white. 

We have lawn signs, cardboard Scout cut outs for flyer distribution, an inflatable Scout, and more!

You can also borrow a popcorn machine to give out free popcorn at your recruitment event.

Need an activity do at your pack open house?  We have STEM kits, fishing kits, an archery set up, rain gutter regatta, and a Pinewood derby track that can be borrowed to bring excitement to your recruitment.

All of these materials are supplied by the many generous Friends of Scouting (FOS) donations families like you provide to Patriots’ Path Council.

For reservation and order forms, please visit

For questions or assistance with your recruitment efforts, please contact your membership team; Al Thomas at for Black River, Fishawack, and Sussex Districts or Javier Juarez at for Raritan Valley, Munsee, and Watching Mountain districts. 

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