Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Major Changes Coming for Venturing

Patriots' Path Council's vice president for membership and relations, Dr. Geoffrey Zoeller, discusses the major changes that are coming out of the national BSA for Venturing.  "These proposed changes should really help with Venturing's poor retention rate (53%) and the lack of sustained advancement of youth members (less than 1%!!!) ."

For some time, there has been a national committee looking to restructure the whole program.  Their recommendations include a new national committee structure for venturing, a JTE approach to how units function and measure success, a completely new advancement system, as well as changes in reporting, training, uniforms, and more.

A very solid overview can be found in the Scouting magazine blog. Go to the following link to find out more about the exciting changes coming for the Venturing program:

A beginning set of resources can also be found on the national BSA site by going to:

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