Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Steps for Creating a Successful Cub Scout Recruitment Event

Today, Dr. Geoffrey Zoeller, Patriots' Path Council vice president for membership and relations, shares some new ideas on Cub Scout Recruitment.  "We are very proud of the Cub Scout recruitment strategies we have developed in the Patriots' Path Council.  All of us are very pleased that the quality of our products are such that many of our resources and materials are adapted and used by other councils.  We always need to be mindful, however, that our colleagues in other councils are similarly motivated and often develop best practices and/or products that we can use here."

In this case, a 3-page information sheet and script has been developed by one of our neighboring councils that gives a good overview of how to prepare for, market, and conduct a solid Cub Scout recruitment event.  We thank our colleagues in the Central New Jersey Council for putting together this great resource and making it available to Scouters everywhere.  To access the PDF file, go to:  http://join.ppbsa.org/membership/pdf/Successful%20Cub%20Recruitment.pdf

In addition to the above, the Patriots' Path Council maintains a large number of recruitment resources that can be accessed and downloaded at:  http://join.ppbsa.org/membership/swfs/  You may also wish to consult earlier posts on this blog to get other great ideas and strategies.

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