Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Use Formal Invitations to Recruit and Avoid School Restrictions on Flyers

Dr. Geoffrey Zoeller, Patriots' Path Council vice president of membership/relations, makes the observation that "some schools will not allow units to use tradition, council-generated flyers to be distributed for recruitment purposes.  Others will only let such flyers be sent home in electronic form via a virtual backpack."

Many school policies allow for the distribution of written invitations, however, so that students can invite one another to birthday parties, special events, etc.  Dr. Zoeller notes that "some crafty units are taking a different approach to recruitment and while still adhering to Board policies are instead creating formal 'invitations' as an alternative to prohibited flyers." It may seem like splitting hairs, but there is a definite difference between flyers and invitations in most Board Policy Manuals.

Why not create a formal looking invitation from a template many units have used annually for the Blue and Gold Dinner?

A neat design that recalls the traditional Cub Scout neckerchief.

Inside you can customize an "invite" message in any way you wish.
By creating a formal invitation, which many school district policies allow, you can circumvent the restriction on flyers and obtain the desired access to new families and youth -- all while putting your best foot forward and coming across as professional and creative.

To download the two customizable templates in Word format, click here and also here.

Good luck and happy recruiting!

Author's Note:  A special "shout out" to Cub Scout Pack 182 in Warren, Watchung Mountain District, for their creative use of these invitations and for persevering in getting them distributed as invitations in their schools.  Well done!!

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