Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Venturing Recruitment Toolkit

Patriots' Path Council's vice president for membership and relations, Dr. Geoffrey Zoeller, discusses the new Venturing Recruitment Toolkit.  "The BSA has put out some great, new resources to help support councils, districts, and individual crews with strengthening Venturing programs to young people in their area."

Recruitment is a process that should be reevaluated each year as the crew learns and develops.  It's just as important to retain existing crew members as it is to grow the crew.  Use BSA's tools to assist with recruiting more teens to your crew or reconnect with former members who have become inactive or lost interest.  Encourage and invite them to reconnect with and engage in the crew.  Sometimes all it takes is that personal outreach or invitation to draw them in.

Visit the BSA site to download Toolkit at:

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