Monday, March 4, 2013

Scouts with With ADD, ADD/ADHD, and Special Needs

Scouting should be accessible to all youth and the Patriots' Path Council has been working hard to provide training and resources to support Scout leaders that work with young people with special needs.

Dr. Geoffrey Zoeller, PPC vice president of membership and relations, points out that this month's ScoutCast has a great video segment on "How to Handle Boys in the Troop With ADD, ADD/ADHD, and Special Needs".

Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.  What is it?  How do you know if someone in your troop has it and, more important, how do you as a leader handle a boy who has this disorder or other special needs?  Joining us for this delicate yet important discussion is Tony Mei, a 40-year Scout volunteer with the Marin Council in San Rafael, California.  He’s been working with Scouts with disabilities for almost 15 of those years and has developed training for College of Commissioner Science classes for Scouting with special needs and disabilities, including ADHD and autism spectrum.
Go to:  to see the March 2013 ScoutCast on this very important topic.

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